Summary:  Bossidy and Charan describe three key building blocks (leader behaviors, a culture for change, and getting the right people on board) as well as three key processes (people, strategy, and operations) that are essential to put in place AND follow if a culture of execution is to exist.

Key Take Away:  Too many companies fall in to the “paralysis by analysis” trap.  Ultimately you must focus on execution if you are to be successful.  Execution must focus on the key components that Bossidy and Charan describe in the summary above.  While the required actions are NOT difficult, it is often the case that management is unwilling to follow through.  This failure to execute is a major shortcoming of many organizations.

One Action to Take:  An attachment is provided which summarize the three key building blocks and the three key processes.  Take a half hour of time to compare how your organization does on each of these six elements.  For those where you find your performance to be sub-par, you’d be well served to make changes ASAP.

The Discipline of Getting Things Done